I have decided to take control of my blog by migrating from blogger to a simple OctoPress repository. Feel free to send me suggestions via fork/pull-request to


One of the main intentions of this blog is to document and evolve my understanding of programming patterns. Specifically as I spend time writing RubyMotion code I want to document which patterns I find useful. I’m sure they will be different than the patterns that I found useful in writing server applications.

I also intend on finding and reading some good reference material that talks about client-side MVC patterns. I’ll do my best to update the names of the patterns as I start to learn their actual names in this reference material. If you know of a good client-side patterns book please let me know.

Finally rather just a simple blog I want to organize my writing into a blog+wiki (ie. the bliki idea from Martin Fowler). Octopress appears to be a good format for make this kind of statically deployable site.