Have you ever watched a http://www.confreaks.com/ presentation that just blew your mind?  Something like Code Blindness or How Github uses Github to build Github (language warning)?

I love that feeling of realizing, "why haven't I tried that before?"  That sense of learning something new is my favorite thing about the ruby community.  In the spirit of that sense of awesome learning I highly suggest Ruby Rogues.

This podcast has several of my favorite rubyists that I follow and it even has some fellow Utahns that I hadn't known about before.  In addition to that they have guests on the show like Jim Weirich and Kent Beck.  Can you say, "scream like a nerdy fan-girl!"

I started by listening to their most recent podcasts and quickly went back to start at the beginning and get caught up on the backlog of podcast episodes.  They have a great mix of common themes with differing opinions that leave me feeling like, "why haven't I ever done that before?"

If you love programming, you will love the podcast.  Go Ruby Rogues!


Awesome, thanks for the suggestion. Added this to my list of podcasts.