So after spending (wasting) lots of time thinking about various ways I could keep track of my various technical hobbies I decided to just use the simplest good tool for the job.  This blog will basically just be a place for me to write down the things that I am working on in the following areas:

  • Robotics
  • Programming
  • RC Aircraft (planes and helis)
I'll backfill some recent content so that blog isn't empty, but mostly I'll be focusing on upcoming projects.  The next big project on the list is taking an online computer vision course ( which is slated to start this month.  I'll be taking the class along with my programming buddy Duane and I'll have a project to go with it.

Roomba! I have played with roombas before and rescued one from the D.I. for $10 which is how I got hooked.  For a long time I have thought about using my android phone to act as the brains and sensors for my roomba so I could get it to accomplish more complicated tasks like:
  • Hunt for a tennisball
  • Welcome guests at the door
  • Wander around my office and deliver audio messages (trolling people most likely)
So with the computer vision class coming up I finally ordered a IOIO (  which I have been thinking about doing for a while so I am just going to buy it and go get my broken roomba out of storage and hook them together.  Pictures/videos to come soon.